agios romanos tinos

agios romanos tinos

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Agrelia Residences are situated on the south side of Agios Romanos beach, just few steps from the sand and waves. Therefore, you will enjoy the most amazing seafront vacation on Tinos Island. As it lays on the west coast, it is less affected by the wind, comparing to other locations on the island.

Our beach consists mainly of sand and it is one of the most popular locations of the island. Yet, it maintains serenity and you will enjoy quiet and relaxing stay.

Our accommodation is quite easy to reach and find. The road from the main port of Tinos consists of asphalt and you can use GPS to assist you. If you will reach us by car, you should know that, the ride takes about 15 minutes.

Agios Romanos is one of the biggest beaches in Tinos. It features a beach bar on the north side, with sunbeds and umbrellas. Along the beach, there is plenty of natural shade, provided by trees called Almyrika. Therefore, if you wish to enjoy the sea further away from Agrelia Residences, you will be protected from the sun.

On the south part of Agios Romanos, there is a small port with caique boats. Caique is a traditional fishing boat used in Aegean Sea. You probably saw it in pictures regarding Cyclades and Greece. Since this port is just few minutes away on foot from Agrelia Residences, you should see it. It might be interesting to see how local people fish in this part of Tinos Island. 

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  • Beach: 10 steps
  • Tinos Town & Port: 8km
  • Kardiani: 9km
  • Kionia: 5km
  • Agios Sostis: 14km